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Internet in the dormitories

All living units of the Martinskloster, Tarforst, Petrisberg, Olewig & Kleeburger Weg are equipped with Internet access, which our residents may use on application for research and learning purposes. This use is currently free of charge.

  • Upon the conclusion of the contract of tenancy the interested residents sign a separate agreement of use. Then the connection may be used directly from the date of moving in.  For the configuration of the computer a help sheet (PDF-DOWNLOAD) is handed out.

    The network team of the respective dormitory is happily available if you have any problems, queries regarding the configuration etc.

    The network load (uploads and downloads) is limited to 30.0 GB/month.

  • As outlined in the agreement of use the network usage is limited to 30.0 GB/month. In the event of an overload caused by the user or in the event of other breaches of the agreement of use concluded the connection is deactivated with immediate effect for the current month.

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    If necessary, additional traffic inexpensive online (via the User Portal), or be acquired in the service points of the student union added .
    The purchase is only possible for the current calendar month .

    Cost :  10 Euro per 20 GB .

    When a user volume of 75 % and 90 %
    the user will receive an automatic info mail stating the already consumed traffic .

    Network traffic can be queried or booked as follows


Foto: Richard Herbst

Richard Herbst

Sachgebietsleiter IT
Tel. 0651/201-2983

Studihaus, Raum ST 006

Mo.-Fr. 7.30 Uhr bis 9.30 Uhr

Foto: Matthias Napalowski

Matthias Napalowski

Mitarbeiter IT-Abteilung
Tel. 0651/201-3580
Fax 0651/201-3918

Studihaus, Raum ST 006

Mo.-Fr. 7.30 Uhr bis 9.30 Uhr