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Semester ticket

Semester ticket: mobile in Trier and surrounding even without own car

  • The semester ticket allows you to be mobile at the location of your studies and in the area without your own car.  For the way to the lecture, the way back from the cinema or for the journey at the weekend the semester ticket allows for the simple use of busses and trains in the area and in town, without you having to pay for each trip separately.  And all of this without having to worry about parking!
    Already since the summer semester 1992 the Trier semester ticket has been offered to the students of the Trier Universities as a service provided by the Studierendenwerk Trier and the transportation companies of the area.

    With the use of the semester ticket all students contribute actively to the protection of the environment by reducing the individual traffic and the connected emissions of noise and pollutants.
    This does not only save time, but above all it saves money and spares your nerves.
    Instead of getting worked up in the car due to the red traffic lights and traffic jams you better spend your time with sensible things whilst being taken to your destination!

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    Your student card is valid as ticket in the shown area of the VRT ((Verkehrsverbund Region Trier with the city of Trier, Landkreis Bernkastel-Kues, Landkreis Bitburg-Prüm, Landkreis Daun und Trier-Saarburg).

    Not included are all additional prices and the distance Trier – airport Frankfurt-Hahn by line R100 or busses offered by flibco.

    Find a big picture of the territory as download.



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    Geltungsbereich im Schienennetz

    Your student card is valid as a ticket in trains named RB and RE at the following distances:

      • Trier-Koblenz (Hbf.)
      • Trier-Saarbrücken (Hbf.)
      • Trier-Perl (Moselaufwärts-Dreiländereck Deutschland/Frankreich/Luxemburg)
      • Trier-Igel (Landesgrenze Luxemburg)
      • Trier-Jünkerath/Eifel (Richtung Köln/Landesgrenze NRW)

    You can use it also for the distance Bullay - Traben-Trabach.

    Find a big picture of the territory as download. 

    Attention: Both railway stations, the main station in Saarbrücken and Koblenz, are outside the area of the validity for bus services. All bus rides in the two cities must be paid for.


    Important news to all users of rail traffic

    Using the semester ticket at the distances from Bengel to Koblenz Hbf and from Taben to Saarbrücken Hbf every student has to show the passport, a BahnCard or another official document with your photo additional to the student card.

    If you cannot show the additional asked document you will be treated as a person without ticket.

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    Student cards with illegible date aren't accepted as ticket.

    The student card of the university and the University of Applied Sciences is valid as the ticket for bus or train.  Students at the Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld have their own semester ticket.
    The validity of the semester ticket corresponds to the printed validity on the student card. Generally, the printed period is the current semester, for which the student is enrolled. If you are already reported for the next semester the student card is valid for the current and the next semester.

    The student identification card is personal. Therefore, the semester ticket is not transferable to other people. Contraventions will lead to charges against the user.
    Own children up to the age of six years may accompany you free of charge.

    All students are responsible to the transportation companies for the orderly state of their student identification cards.

    Showing an enrolment certification does not prevent punishment as driver without valid ticket.

    If you use your student card carefully it will last as long as your study. Therefore you may

    • Keep your card in the cover or the purse.
    • Only take the card out of the cover to load it at the automat or to buy something at an automat.
      To pay in the Mensa or cafeteria the card can remain in the cover. Consider: every time you touch the stripe where the date is printed you destroy it a bit.
    • Don't carry the student card in the hip pocket. The antenna will be deformed and paying isn't possible anymore.


  • All students of the Trier Universities (at the location Trier) are obliged to the financing of the semester ticket with a payment per semester, which will be collected in addition to the social contribution (Sozialbeitrag).
    Thus, at re-registration the semester ticket is included in the price. As the financing is divided to all students the individual share of the contribution is unbeatably low in comparison to the normal tickets.

    Since the beginning of the winter semester 2022/2023 the semester ticket costs 153,94 Euros for six months.

    A refund is only possible for severely handicapped students in case of impairment with the feature H or Bl in your ID card. See the contribution rules in the downloads.

  • At some distances, during times with little traffic, the local traffic is replaced by Call-Collecting-Taxi (Anruf-Sammel-Taxi [AST]) and Call-Line-Taxi (Anruf-Linien-Taxi [ALT]) .

    Both are similar offers with different names depending on the distance they are used: the Call-Collecting-Taxi (Anruf-Sammel-Taxi [AST]) travells at some lines in the city of Trier whereas the Call-Line-Taxi (Anruf-Linien-Taxi [ALT] drives at the lines 300, 311, 500 (RMV) and line 444 (Moselbahn).

    How do they function?
    Both travel only at certain times, which are marked with "AS" or "Al" in the schedule. After announcement by phone the taxi will pick up you at the busstop you normally use and will leave you at the busstop at your destination. By calling you had to name the two busstops where you want to start and end as well as the time to start and the number of persons.

    How to order AST or ALT:

    • For AST please call 0049 6 51 7 17 33 33 at least 30 minutes for your wanted departure time.
    • For ALT at the distances of the lines 300, 311 and 500 please call 0049 6 51 7 17 33 33 at least 45 minutes before starting the trip. More than 4 persons have to announce the trip 24 hours before departure time.
    • For ALT at the distance of Moselbahn (line 444) the announcement is nesseccary 120 minutes before the trip. Tel. 0049 65 61/91 25 12.

    Price for using AST or ALT:

    Your student card is coincidentally the ticket. For using the AST each trip will cost 2,50 € as additional fee. After 20 p.m. every person using the ALT had to pay 2,00 €.

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    In the busses of the Stadtwerke Trier (moving only in Trier) you can take your bike without extra cost.

    The other companies of the VRT demand a "EinzelTicket ermäßigt" which is cheaper than for a person.

    Buggies and wheelchairs always have priority (decision of the busdriver).

    At busses with the numbers RR 290, 300, 333, 441 and 500 an additional fee is possible. In times with high request a reservation is essential.

    On the trains you can take your bike with you without further costs on Monday - Friday since 9:00 am and Saturday and Sunday the whole day. At other times you have to buy a ticket for your bike. Travelling with a bicycle is only possible if there is enough place for it. There is no space-demanding.

    Local public transport is free of charge if:
    • You use the tram.

    • You want to travel by train 2nd class and use single or permanent tickets. Time tickets and travel in 1st class cars are to be paid.

    • Bus journeys carried out on behalf of AVL, RGTR or TICE. If the destination is in Germany, this part has to be paid.

      If the journey is not carried out on behalf of AVL, RGTR or TICE, both Luxembourg and Germany must be paid for. Please inform yourself before you start your journey.

    Information on free connections can be easily accessed via the Mobiliteit. lu app (App Store or Google Play Store) or via the Mobility Centre website.