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International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally recognized student ID card and your access to a world of 150.000 student discounts in 130 countries for hotels, attractions, restaurants, transportation, fashion, entertainment, museums, hard- and software.

NEW: The global ISIC App with virtual ISIC card

Who needs another plastic card in their purse? ISIC ditches the plastic and goes virtual! Download the ISIC App to use your virtual ISIC card and never miss one of the brand new offers. Use the handy map function to search for benefits around you – wherever you are. With the virtual ISIC you can proof your student status on your smartphone easily.

You can easily apply at the StudiwerkOffice

All you need is:

  • your ID
  • a valid proof of study
  • 15 Euro (validity 1 year)

If you want an additional plastic card you can order one at the website ( for 3 Euro. The card will be sent to you within a few days by post.

For further information visit the website


Foto: Petra Longen & Inge Scherf

Petra Longen & Inge Scherf

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