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Kids for free

Since the 21st of May 2007 the Studierendenwerk has been offering a new service to student parents: Whenever the student parents have dinner in one of our canteens in the company of their child/children to the age of eleven the meal for the offspring is free of charge.

Students, who would like to benefit from this offer, will receive a "kids-for-free" card for each minor on submission of the certification of enrolment and the family register or birth certificate. This card is valid for one semester and is prolonged on the submission of the new certificate of enrolment.

On the submission of the "kids-for-free" card the minors will receive their meals consisting of the relevant components on a child-friendly "kids-for-free" plate and upon request they will also receive some fruit as dessert.

With the card the children's meal is recorded at the checkout without payment.

With this offer we support the University Trier in their claim of being a family-friendly University.


Foto: Petra Longen & Inge Scherf

Petra Longen & Inge Scherf

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