Internetpräsentation Studierendenwerk Trier, Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts (AöR)

Dormitorys of the Studierendenwerk

General information

The Studiwerk Trier has five residential complexes:

The residential complexes Tarforst, Enercase, Kleeburger Weg, Olewig and Petrisberg are located close to the university. The apartments Martinskloster and Haus am Baum are located near the university We manage a total of 1,580 rooms. These include single rooms, single apartments, single apartments with children’s room, double apartments (doubles) and small apartments. All our accommodation units offer:

  •     Furnishing in all rooms
  •     a free internet connection with a usage of 210 gigabytes per month in all rooms (increase possible)
  •     an inexpensive warm rent including all additional costs
  •     Bicycle and car parking spaces
  •     Residential complexes close to the university, with easy access to the city of Trier (max. 15 minutes by bus)
  •     direct bus connections with stops in front of the housing estates (free travel with the semester ticket)
  •     a caretaker service with daily office hours
  •     Supervision by the dormitory administration in the studio building directly on the university campus
  •     Washing machine and drying rooms

Especially at the beginning of your studies, it is often difficult to get used to a new city. The diverse social contact possibilities offered by a residential complex can help you with the restart.

Under the motto “einfach studieren” we create inexpensive living space close to campus.